Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Drain Cleaning and more for Buffalo, NY

Don't let your sewer problems turn into an epic disaster. Most sewer and drain stoppages can be cleaned with a standard drain-cleaning snake if taken care of right away. If they are not addressed quickly, some stoppages may lead to more serious problems and need alternative solutions. For all of your sewer cleaning needs, call AB & N Plumbing for the very best customer service in the Buffalo, NY area.

Sewer Drain Cleaning Buffalo, NY
What You Can Do

If you want to reduce your need for a professional sewer cleaner, there are a few things you can do. First, you want to be wary of "flushable wipes." Although they may be considered "flushable" and just as good as toilet paper, they are actually one of the leading causes of sewer clogs. Independent tests say that the wipes do not disintegrate easily or quickly and can be a cause of back-ups within the sewer system. To avoid costly repairs, avoid flushing any type of wipe "flushable" or not, down the toilet!

You can also prevent sewer backup by being careful in your kitchen! It may be tempting to dump your grease, fats or oils from cooking down the drain, but don't! It's important to prevent these from going down the drain if you want to avoid costly sewer cleaning bills. They can collect in your plumbing and lead to sewage problems as a result. Take it from us, and always pour oils and fats into non-recyclable containers and dispose of them in the trash.

When you need a sewer cleaning expert, call AB & N Plumbing!

Want to learn more about sewer cleaning and how to prevent costly repairs? Call the experts at AB & N Plumbing for the very best advice, tips and knowledge when it comes to your sewer system. If you find yourself in need of a fast and efficient sewer cleaning, there is only one company to call in Buffalo! Choose AB & N Plumbing.
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